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Beach Yoga Guadalmina

Breathing consciously is the most important part of yoga and meditation.

EVITA is teaching a set of physical exercises and sequences designed to align the breathing with the body and mind.

The postures are designed to open the many channels of the body, especially the main channels in the spine so that energy can flow freely.
The focus is also on awakening the Kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asanas. Kundalini, called by practitioners "the yoga of awareness", aims "to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal yourself and others.

EVITA’s yoga classes are being held outdoors in the sun/shade weather permitting at the Guadlamina beach and chair yoga indoors in San Pedro at Age Concer local.

"Drop-in" to yoga without registration is also possible, please check that the time & place match that day with Evita.

You are always welcome to “Keep it up” with me – warm regards EVITA!

Chair Yoga San Pedro

San Pedro Alcántara - Chair Yoga

Monday 13.00-14.00

Age Concern Marbella – San Pedro
Pasaje Armando Nº2, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara


Guadalmina Beach Yoga

Guadalmina Beach (wooden deck)

Monday & Friday 9.30-11

Urbanizacion Guadalmina Baja,at Guadalmina Golf Hotel

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Please let me know when you want to join!

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Yoga Beach
Information for the classes - Please read!

"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy"

- Proverb -

PLEASE book in advance with EVITA to make sure that place, day and time is available, this helps me plan ahead, thanks!
Prices beach yoga: 10 € per class / 5 € second class the same week.
Chair yoga: 5 € (chairs availeble, if you want you can take a pillow with you)

Private classes: 90 min at Evita's place price 40€ or at clients home 50€
If you are interested about private classes, please contact me here


We also have an Messenger group in Fuengirola and a Whatsup group in Guadalmina, if you feel like joining in.
Please respect, only messing between 8 am - 10 pm, weekends 9 am - 9 pm.

- Bring some water
- Please let me know if you want to lend a mattress, cushion and/or a chair for beach yoga.

- Please pay in cash, thanks!

If you have been considering starting a practice you are not alone. Many are turning to yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps to have a basic understanding of what to expect so you can focus on what’s going on in the class and what’s going on with your body.

Here are 8 tips to help you not only survive, but thrive in your first yoga class and after, for the rest of your life!

1. Remember that yoga is a practice that meets you where you are
No matter where you are, there is a yoga practice that is right for you. Yoga doesn’t care if you are tall or short, heavy or slim, young or old. Yoga helps us to deeply explore ourselves, no matter where we are. Remembering this on the mat can help you to let go of self-judgment and begin to soften into each moment. Normally we keep our eyes closed.
2. Do your research to find a class that meets your needs
Please read my website, read the class descriptions or call me to ask questions.There are many different styles of yoga so look for one that will meet your specific needs. Word of mouth is another way to find out, so ask your friends or people you meet at the class.
3. Arrive Early
Once you have settled on a class, arriving AT LEAST 15 minutes early will allow you to meet the teacher and inform about yourself and what you are hoping to accomplish by starting a yoga practice. As a regular, it also allows you to get your space and start to relax and prepare for the class.
4. It is best that you do not eat for some time before the class but do stay hydrated
If you’re digesting a meal, your body will be using energy that could otherwise be focused on your practice. Also, twisting and bending do not feel great with a full stomach! If possible wait about two hours after a meal and one hour after a light snack. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
5. Wear clothes in layers, that you feel comfortable in
Maybe some a little warmer, both for in- and outside. No shoes. Depending on the class, you may be bending over, twisting, turning, stretching, and even inverting. Make sure you do not only wear comfortable but also that you are wearing something that will stay put!
6. What to bring/material?
Please bring a mat/cushion/blanket ( thick or thin, your choice), always nice for support, maybe a towel and some water.
7. Respect your body and its limits
Yoga is about self-acceptance and meeting yourself where you are with love and compassion. The slower you move, the faster you progress - to begin with.
Finding your edge in each pose and continually staying with it as you breathe respects where you are and will allow you to move forward over time.
8. Stay open and enjoy the practice
Chose to go into your practice with an open heart and mind. Don’t judge the practice. Commit and keep going. During my first yoga class, I knew that something fundamentally right was happening. I did not understand what it was, but I knew I was where I needed to be.
You deserve to connect and to communicate deeply with your body.  You deserve to strengthen inside and out and most of all, you deserve to change all that is not serving you in your life. Yoga informs us about ourselves. The more we practice, the more information we will receive as we begin to watch, connect, and engage at deeper levels. It is through that connection and engagement that we can begin to transform our bodies, our minds, and our world – one practice at a time.
Just Keep it up and Keep doing it.

Important Guidelines:
Any person with a known medical condition should always consult their physician before engaging in yoga practice. Women who are menstruating (on the first 3 days of the cycle) or are pregnant should avoid breath of fire and other exercises that powerfully engage the naval center like Sat Kriya. Inverted poses where the legs are lifted higher than the naval point should also be avoided. Long deep breathing can be done in the place of breath of fire. Resting in child’s pose or savasana, during poses like stretch pose, is also encouraged.

Hope to see you at the beach, on the mat, warm hugs Evita!


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Join my retreat to amazing Molino del Rey!

Check out HERE some inspirational images of yoga with Evita.
Click HERE for more info and booking - Namaste 

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