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The NoseBuddy

Rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is a traditional yoga method and an old folk remedy.

The water flows in through one nostril and out the other, cleansing the nose and nasal cavity.


  • Regular nasal cleansing (neti) can prevent and relieve nasal congestion, colds, flu and sinusitis.

  • It can also help against allergy and asthma, as well as snoring.

  • Nose cleansing sharpens the sense of smell and gives mental clarity.

  • For peaceful nights and better sleep - effectively combats nasal snoring as a result of a blocked nose, colds and pollen allergies

  • Very economical to use - uses ordinary salt, a measuring spoon is included in the delivery.

  • Easy to use; rinses quickly, gently and effectively

  • Light weight and durable, easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

  • Clear and detailed instructions

The NoseBuddy will become your best friend!
Availeble in Pink ,blue or green. For everyone in the family.
Price: 20 €

Need a Buddy? Please contact me HERE

MY NoseBuddy® STORY

I have had two lives in one - the one before I started to use the nose pot and the other going on now.


I cannot understand how it was possible to live without a nose pot. Every morning it is my kickstart to get going, not being blocked etc.

How much nicer life is with this buddy in my life. I wish someone had told me when I was young and had a lot of trouble with my nose and very bad colds and so on.


Moving down here to the coast of Spain, with the cold and warm, on and off, taking penicillin as crazy and having to stay in bed. So boring!


Even worse for people having asthma or allergy. Many using strong medicine for the symptoms.

I can never promise it takes all away, but it does ease it up, with NO side effects and less costly and less trash

Welcome to talk to me, for more information, and please spread the word. Many, sorry to say,  do not know it exists.

Keep it up, to stay Happy, Healthy, and Holy!

And as always - keep breathing!
Easier with a clean nose!!


How to cleanse your nose with Yogi's NoseBuddy®

  1. Put one level measuring spoon of salt (4.5 g) in NoseBuddy. Use fine-grained table or cooking salt – preferably one free of additives. I recommend to use rock salt (from mines), since some people may experience reactions to sea salt, such as a stuffy or runny nose.

  2. Fill the pot with clean lukewarm water up to the mark (0.5 litres).Boil the water first (for 1 minute) and let it cool down to a comfortable temperature (lukewarm/body temperature) – or use distilled or sterilized water heated to lukewarm. 

  3. Stir the water until the salt fully dissolves. The water now has the same salt concentration as body cells. The correct water temperature and salt concentration will ensure a pleasant experience.

  4. Insert NoseBuddy’s spout into one nostril so that it fits snugly. Breathe gently through your mouth. Lean forward over a sink. Tilt your head slightly to one side, with the pot following the same angle, so that the water runs in through one nostril and out the other. Pour half a pot in through each nostril. Gently blow your nose after cleansing to each side (see step 6). If your nose needs more thorough cleansing, use a full pot for each nostril.

  5. Bend forward, your head and arms hanging down loosely. Allow the excess water to run out of your nose. Dab with a tissue.

  6. Stand up and gently blow each nostril separately. Avoid vigorous blowing.

Instructions for use are included with each NoseBuddy®

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