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"What do my clients say"

"After the course with Evita I have been rinsing my nose every day and alternating breathing and meditating. Have done the sun salutation and some relaxation exercises with breathing.

It's so nice, but it's harder to find time for myself here at home. It was so nice to be in the Yoga Bubble with you and just focus on well-being, and body and reach into yourself. Even when the course was intense, everything in the course was so perfectly balanced, the exercises, the times, the hikes, etc.


I had completely different expectations before I came with "a little yoga and relaxation" but grew in what the world of yoga entails and the whole thing gave soooo much more than I could have ever imagined. It would take half a book to describe what I experienced. Will definitely come again. Also getting to know you Evita was the icing on the cake.

So much fun together, laughed like crazy."


Hugs ❤️ / Anna

"Dear Evita

Thank you so much for such pleasant days that were so educational, gave me so much joy and happy laughter.

But above all, you have rekindled my interest in yoga again. THANKS!


A better and happier instructor cannot possibly be found in the whole world. You have filled your days and evenings not "only" with yoga but with interesting information about flowers, trees and other things in nature during our cozy hikes and tours in the caves. You are the best and we look forward to seeing you again."


Big & warm hugs
Ulla & Thomas Wallin

"Just wanted to say thanks for your lovely message from last week – it was a really nice welcome when I got into work the next day and I am passing on the verse to other friends to brighten their day too. See you Sunday – am loving my yoga sessions, thanks for your time, gentle approach (with a newcomer!) and wonderful energy x SarahPS. And I DID sleep well!"


Best regards

Sarah GedenMarriott's

Marbella Beach Resort

“Evita - Thank you for a wonderful week with you. It was way beyond my expectations. The good food, the lovely nature and the pleasant warmth. I am glad that I was able to participate in all the yoga sessions. It strengthened my confidence that I am not too old. Hope you can get relief for your severe back pain. We send bright thoughts to you daily and wish you recovery. Hugs and thanks again"



"Thank You EVITA!
It was a Fantastic week! Thank You All for being there,
im so Glad i met You All! You came with the Sun, and along some Lovely Energy too...
Im so Grateful for every second of My some kind of Sparkling Yoga Holiday -stretching beyond reality, firebreathing, chakraspinning... ;)
To me it was Perfect timing, a Great Gift at so many levels in me, and now My Heart sings...
Knowing new adventures is right around the corner!
Have a Wonderful LifeJourney. All You Beautiful Souls...


Lots of Love from Kate

"EVITA - you are the best! I'm glad you're spreading feels really good! Thanks!!
It's incredible how life can change.. from having made a decision about no more children, despite the will but fear that the body won't cope. And also go to Spain for a yoga class, talk to other women about children, family and age, that you are not too old at all! Suddenly these closed doors open, and I get pregnant!! It's still so surreal! But I'm so happy!! Have a good time and we'll be in touch!"


Warm hugs!! Nina

"Hello EVITA and thank you for a fantastic and very inspiring week, I feel calm as a file bowl filled with energy and joy.


You are a fantastic person but you probably already know that.


I am interested in returning next year in the same period. 


Big hug / Maud Nilsson

"Thank you EVITA for a wonderful evening meditation. Damn you are a professional (you probably already know that) but I'll say it anyway. I should probably meditate more.


I felt that there really is a lot that comes to mind when you sit like that. Just tonight there was a little sadness in my heart over many different things, but it was good. I am so happy and grateful that I met you because you are so "human" and have all the sides a wonderful person can have. I hope I have your latest home address because I want to send some stuff for you (everything except plants) as soon as I get home. Yummy beautiful you.


Hugs Silla

"There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change"

- Kathryn Buding -
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