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We can always help ourselves

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Why do we meditate? We can have so many quite fancy reasons. To be enlightened, to move our energy, to clean our subconscious mind, etc.

But quite frankly meditation is the same thing as taking the garbage out and dropping it on the curb. We all come with karmas in this human lifetime. It's the same as when you travel, and you bring a few bags with you. Can you sit and watch the bags circle on the baggage carousel without flipping out about your karmas? When you meditate it gets easier to be calm, peaceful. You can just be yourself. Because the garbage can have been emptied.

What garbage have you been able to put on the curb? Contemplate your life and where you are now, and time travel forward where are you going. What pieces of your life have you been able to release to get to your inner peace?

Well, I am proud of you, and I encourage more meditation because in this human journey we continue to have to put the garbage out. Life goes on and there is more opportunity given to us daily to feel into the depth of our capacity to let go of what isn't working and center into the trueness of our lives, and we see this every day when we meditate!

Why meditation is good for us - Buddha

There is always more coming at us, there is always more to let go of and we can make this human life a victory through daily practice.

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